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Roberto Medica
I was born in Florence in 1972. As a boy I attend various workshops of the historic center and learn over the years, thanks also, and especially, to the teachings of my father, the technical manual carving and wood carving.
In 1999 I graduated in Architecture from the University of Florence with 108/110 and the beginning of the design, construction and restuaro of furnishings in a classical style, performing hand their projects or copies of models in the most important museums in Florence (Michelangelo frames, Raphael, Botticelli, etc.). For more than ten years working with major gilders and Florentine antique dealers, architects and interior decorators, with furniture stores and private collections nationally and internationally.

Always oriented towards the knowledge of new technologies for the representation and the realization of my works in the mid-years of this decade, I approach the computer graphics and numerical control machines.
With the background of a carver, I suffered very familiar with the workflow of digital sculpting software that, unlike other 3D modeling software (CAD or polygonal), can greatly speed up the creation of organic shapes and very detailed artistic as you can manage models as if they were "clay" and not as a loose network of polygons. This leads to work with extreme precision and fluidity of solids made up of millions of polygons and to make any cosmetic changes very quickly.

Simultaneously experience increased over the years in digital modeling, I joined my business two CNC machines that allow me to create prototypes and aluminum molds, resin and wood.
Considering the importance of surface quality to be answered by a mold, any object made with numerical control, is finished and mostly hand polished to eliminate any roughness or single flaw.

Mine is a constantly evolving, always looking for more efficient modeling methodologies, entrusting myself to constantly update the software, and production methods cnc more rapid and inexpensive personally intervening and adapting my milling any production requirement.
Arch. Roberto Medica - +39 338 2099645
Italy - P.IVA IT 02286710484
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